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AYODHYA, THE WHOLE WORLD IS MESMERIZED Consecration of life in the shield of faith Ayodhya soil will be available in Prasad   CHHOTA AKHBAR. Certainly, ages have not seen such a sea of ​​flood of faith which is being seen now. In every corner of the country, there is only one name Shri Ram on every tongue. The same name Shri Ram is at the doorstep of criticism. Those who are unable to go physically are in Ayodhya with their mind. From every village, city and state of the country and after that also from abroad. Certainly, the place and heights that PM Modi has given to Ayodhya on the world horizon through Shri Ram Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav, neither has anyone been able to give it till now nor will anyone be able to give it in future. The recognition that India has got in the whole world on the basis of one temple is astonishing. Even if this is a political move of Modi ji for the Lok Sabha elections, it cannot be denied that on the pretext of Shri Ram Temple, Modi has entered


ELECTIONS IN THE UNION   CHHOTA AKHBAR. There are indications that elections for Sarkaryavah, the highest post of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh organization, will be held after about one and a half months in March. There are plans and preparations to convene an important meeting of the All India Representative Assembly of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in the month of March, before the elections of the Central Government in the country, at Resham Bagh, Nagpur headquarters. In the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh organization structure, about 1500 provincial representatives from 44 provinces and the Sarkaryavah of the Sangh will be elected in the All India Representative Assembly meeting of workers, provinces, Sangh pracharaks and Sanghchalaks. At present, Dattatreya Hosbal is the Sarkaryavah and once again there are chances of Dattatreya Hosbal being elected unanimously and unopposed for the post of Sangh Sarkaryavah. After this, there is a possibility of major changes in the posts of


WOMEN POWER HAS PLAYED A VITAL ROLE IN THE JAT  MOVEMENT   CHHOTA AKHBAR. Dozens of women reached the Jat movement with veil on their heads and sticks in their hands, Sangharsh Samiti gave this open warning to the government Jats in the state have raised their voice to get the right to reservation in central services. This time women power is also being used in the movement. The issue of Jat movement has now started heating up. A large number of people gathered at the protest site and the mortars displayed strength. At the same time, if the demands are not accepted till 22nd January, they have warned of intensifying the agitation from 23rd January. Andolan Sangharsh Committee warned the government that if our demands are not met by January 22, we will block the highway as well as the Delhi-Mumbai railway track. Nari Shakti said that if we have to go to Delhi to get our demands met, we will go. Because it is about the future of our children. We have been demanding reservation