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LIST OF DEPARTMENTS CAN BE OPENED TODAY IN   RAJASTHAN   CHHOTA AKHBAR. The way the state had to wait for the formation of the cabinet after the oath of the CM. Now the same wait is visible in the division of departments also. But according to special sources, this wait may end today. The special thing is that these days senior BJP leader Om Prakash Mathur is also present in Jaipur. Shri Mathur celebrated his birthday yesterday on Tuesday by visiting Govind. A grand feast was also organized on this occasion. All ministers and MLAs were also invited to the banquet. It is being speculated that Rajnath Singh had brought the slip for the announcement of the Chief Minister in the state and this time Om Mathur has brought the slip for the departments. It is also discussed that the slips of the departments have been handed over to Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma yesterday and today on Wednesday the slips will be opened and the departments will be announced through the media. There is


ONE DECREE, LOSS WORTH BILLION   CHHOTA AKHBAR. It is true that generally truck drivers drive indiscriminately, it is true that four-wheeler drivers also drive indiscriminately, it is also true that two-wheeler, scooter and three-wheeler drivers also drive indiscriminately. If someone dies, someone may die, if someone gets injured, it doesn't matter to them. It is also true that the traffic police also do not pay attention where it should be, they just look at helmets or go about their business to save themselves from challan. That is why the strictness which the Transport Ministry recently issued and which Amit Shah also clarified recently is necessary to some extent. Now when the government raised the whip, everyone got in trouble and along with the wheat, weevils also got wrapped up in it. But what to do, in this country no one walks intelligently without getting beaten. No one drives the vehicle considering the pedestrian as a human being, they drive as if the road belong